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The Social Security Administration provides two programs for people who have become disabled and need monthly benefit payments to make up for their inability to work and earn a living.


Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). SSDI is a program designed for people who have worked and paid taxes into the Social Security system for years prior to becoming disabled. If an individual is judged disabled, the individual will receive SSDI benefits regardless of the individual's assets or family income.


Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI, unlike SSDI, is a "needs-based" program. SSI is designed to pay benefits to disabled people who need help with basic living costs, even if they haven't worked or paid taxes into the Social Security system. To qualify for SSI payments, a claimant cannot have family assets or income over a certain limit.


Waiting to apply can result in losing your ability to receive full benefits.


In order to receive full Social Security Disability benefits, and not be restricted to Supplemental Security Income, a claimant must have worked at least five non-consecutive years in the past ten. More specifically, a claimant needs twenty credits insured in the Social Security system in order to qualify for full SSDI benefits. 


Many claimants come into our office five or six years after they have stopped working. This is damning to their Disability case. In order to receive full benefits, your date of disability onset must be within the time you were insured-- before the last day you have worked at least five years within the past ten. 


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Social Security Disability benefits are often applied for in conjunction with another case.


Many people who have sought out our firm don't realize how easily they may qualify for Social Security Benefits. Oftentimes, Social Security benefits go hand-in-hand with New York States Workers' Compensation, a bankruptcy case, or a personal injury case. There are many twisting and winding roads within Social Security Disability cases that only an experienced attorney can identify and plan for.


The best way to protect your rights is by hiring an attorney who not only works with Social Security claimants but also Worker's Compensation and Personal Injury. Our office knows the synergy between all the different cases a Social Security claimant can have.


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You can work on Social Security Disability


Social Security Disability claimants can work and still receive benefits. In order to work while on Social Security Disability, your monthly gross income must be below $1,180.00. Any amount above this limit is called "Substantial Gainful Activity(SGA)." In addition, for 9 months out of every 60, a claimant can make unlimited amounts of money and still receive benefits. This is called a work attempt.


While Social Security will not deny you because you are working, the fact that you are working will play a part in your final approval or denial. Make sure you talk to an experienced and knowledgeable Social Security Disability attorney at our office before you apply for benefits.


Your pension or investments will not affect your ability to receive Social Security Disability.


The Social Security Administration only counts "actively earned" gross income. This means only income you receive through hourly or salaried work will count towards your substantial gainful activity limit.


  • Your pension will not count toward Substantial Gainful Activity.


  • Your bank account and assets will not count toward Substantial Gainful Activity.


  • Your investments will not count toward Substantial Gainful Activity.


  • Your spouse's work will not count toward Substantial Gainful Activity.


There are many twisting paths and roads within Social Security Disability law. Make sure you talk to an elite Western New York Social Security Disability attorney at our office before applying.


Your Medical Records are the most important part of your case.


Your medical records will determine how far back an Administrative Law Judge or an evaluator can approve you for benefits. It is imperative to preserve your medical records in order to fully protect your potential retroactive award.


A claimant who's doctor is willing to write a recommendation for Social Security benefits--by medically retiring you from work--has a distinct advantage over a claimant who has not seen a doctor for a period of time.


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